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Allison Winter's Top 5 Interior Design Elements

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Looking to re-decorate your home or planning for your new space? The team at L.A. Design Centre understands that it can be a little over whelming and you may be having trouble figuring out where to start. Maybe you’ve got a good handle on it but it feels like something is missing. Well with the help of our resident interior designer, Allison Winter of Allison Winter Designs, we can offer a few tips to get you started or add those finishing touches.

We asked Allison the top 5 things she recommends every room have.

living room with fireplace and large windows, grey chairs, soft cream colors
Black is very neutral, so don't be afraid to incorporate small amounts in multiple ways

1. A touch of black.

"Black anchors a room and grounds the space."

Black is a neutral color so don't be concerned that by adding a small amount of black into the space it will disrupt your color scheme or make the area appear busy. You can incorporate this neutral into your decorating by using it in picture frames or art work, throw pillows, small accent pieces or even furniture.

wood table with stacked books and candle, purple flowers in burlap, tobacco basket
The burlap fabric compliments the smooth texture of the glass and the wood grain and pattern of the tobacco basket is a perfect median between the two.

2. Multiple textures.

Creating texture can be as simple as adding a woven blanket basket or marble coaster. Maybe you’re into velvet pillows or brocade drapery. Allison recommends incorporating at least 3 different textures into every room. You can achieve this using wood, fabric, stone, masonry, or even create the illusion of texture by using patterns.

antique tea cup sitting on interior design magazines, small cactus and gold bell
This little antique tea cup makes a cozy and elegant decor piece.

3. An antique piece.

"This will make your space feel less commercialized."

You don't have to run out and buy an expensive chaise lounge, you can hit up local antique dealers for anything from old picture frames to handmade pottery. Adding these can give your room a unique and eclectic feel.

Antique books, black vase and gold clock on table
These antique books are the perfect way to fill empty space and pull a design together.

4. Books of interest.

These can be antique finds that serve a strictly decorative purpose, they can be your favorite reads, something with a personal meaning, or maybe you stumbled upon a beautiful coffee table find in your travels. We aren’t saying you need a whole library in every room, just a few to add a little character.

Entry way looking into living room, soft neutral colors and bright green palm trees
The greenery adds a fresh, tropical feel to this bright, airy room.

5. An element of greenery.

Flowers add a pop of color and plants add a bright, healthy feel to a room. You can uplift and energize a space by bringing the outdoors, in, with some well-placed greenery. The also make the space feel cleaner and help improve air quality. And, please, if you have pets be sure the greenery you choose is safe for them. Some plants can be very toxic to our furry family members. If you don’t have a green thumb you can always substitute real for faux foliage. Whether your greenery is alive or not be sure to keep them dust free.

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