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The Design Team

Meet L.A. Design Centre's design team. From start to finish, we've got you covered.
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Paint Specialist

Craig Darrel began his career in interior design at L.A. Carpet & Tile in 2004.  He became adept with color, texture and style while exploring the flooring industry.  After becoming immersed in the family business he decided to branch out farther into the design world and opened L.A. Design Centre in 2018.  He is still continuing to expand his skill set by keeping up to date with the latest trends and technology in paint, blinds, wall coverings and all things interior design.

Allison has been designing spaces for as long as she can remember. Her love of creating a room that reflected who she was, grew and blossomed into a passion.  That passion continued to grow as her and her husband  designed and flipped homes. This allowed her to try her hand at different styles of interior designs and decor. Moving Forward, 5 personal homes, 2 kids, 12 years of marriage and counting and she's realizing her dream of doing interior design as a career.

Jenna has come to L.A. Design Centre with nearly a decade of experience in the industry. She was formerly employed by

Cloverdale Paint, worked as a construction and paint contractor and has been refinishing furniture has a hobby ever since she entered the paint industry.  From application to color-matching her extensive knowledge about products and techniques will leave you feeling confident in your paint and product selections.


Bay 1, 6140 Hwy 2A

Lacombe, AB T4L 2G5

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